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Long before the Ice Age, much of the Northern part of Continental America was an ocean. As it receded, mineral deposits were left behind from evaporation in very select areas. Dating back 400 million years, these unusual pink "quartz like" deposits are mined nearly 3000ft (1000 meters) below the ground in Canada's far North. The purity and concentration of minerals from these ancient sea salts, offer de-toxifying benefits to the skin, and are an unusual and slightly exotic product to offer your customer.

The image on the left is a solid 10Lb Salt Crystal before processing. The yellow and orange tones are the actual mineral deposits.

Offered in two sizes:
Coarse Mineral Salts  for the bathing.
Fine Mineral Salts  for body and facial scrubs

Base Elements  :
Sodium Chloride - astringent effect/assists immune system
Potassium - anti-bacterial/improves oxidization/balances moisture
Magnesium - natural skin toner/helps nervous system/cell rejuvination.
Calcium - assists cell restructuring/moisture retention
Mineral Elements  : zinc ,copper, chromium, cobalt, nickel, vanadium, molybendum, manganese, iron.