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25 years in the skincare manufacturing business.

Introducing Our Custom Formula Creation Services: Turning Your Dreams into Reality

At Aquatech, we take pride in offering an unparalleled service that transforms your visionary ideas into tangible reality.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced chemists is dedicated to creating your dream formula, tailored specifically to your unique requirements.

Collaborative Approach

Our chemists work closely with you, by actively involving you in the process, we ensure that your dream formula reflects your vision and objectives.

Customization at its finest

Whether you require a breakthrough skincare product, a unique fragrance, a nutritional supplement, or any other bespoke formulation, our chemists are up for the challenge.

Quality and Safety

Our chemists adhere to strict regulatory guidelines, employing rigorous testing procedures and quality control measures.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure is designed to provide value for your investment, allowing you to realize your dreams without compromising your budget

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Customized Bulk Purchase: Buy our products in bulk and unleash your creativity by adding your own fragrance or additives.

Repackaging Opportunities: Resell our high-quality products with your own branding and packaging, capturing your unique brand identity.

Flexible Customization: Tailor our formulations to match your brand's vision and persona, creating a distinct product that stands out in the market.