Bulk Colors


Liquid Colors 4 oz / 114 g Net Weight
Code Color Price  
7050 Blue #1 $12.31
7051 Red #33 $13.57
7052 Red #40 $11.26
7053 Green #3 $17.61
7054 Violet #2 $21.83
7055 Yellow #10 $13.69

Want to tint body wash, bubble bath, shampoo, lotions or creams ? This is it ! Easy to use with 6 pre-tinted colors that can be combined for multiple tones ... like an artist does for painting. Get a wide variety of shades without messy dyes that can stain. Best of all, copy those exact colors every time when you add that same amount. As these are quite strong, many people water these colors down in a separate bottle. They add 95% distilled water and 5% color for better control when adding tint to smaller projects.

Pigments 4 oz / 114 g Net Weight
Code Color Price  
7010 Ultramarine Blue $11.98 Discontinued
7011 Ultramarine Pink $17.10 Discontinued
7012 Ultramarine Violet $13.78 Discontinued
7013 Yellow Oxide $10.52 Discontinued
7014 Green Oxide $32.23 Discontinued
7015 Red Oxide $10.37 Discontinued
7016 Titanium Dioxide/White $6.03 Discontinued

Pigment's are water based and usually don't blend well together because they are earthy colors. They work best for soap bases and are not recommended for lotions or creams.
Great for all natural projects as these are derived from minerals. Adding titanium dioxide will add opacity and a creamy look to your soap.

Please note, pigments are minerals and basically insoluble. They do not dissolve entirely and recommend mixing with hot water at first, stir well and with a fine mesh strainer, pour into another container or directly into the product.

Lake Colors (Oil soluble) 4 oz / 114 g Net Weight
Code Color Price  
7020 Blue $15.30 Discontinued
7021 Yellow #5 $12.99 Discontinued
7022 Yellow #6 $12.99 Discontinued
7023 Dark Pink $16.46 Discontinued

When coloring lip balms, body polish or any oil product, these are what you need. They are fairly hard to disperse and recommend a 3:1 (oil to color) blend. Mix well and let the sediment settle a bit, then add colored oil to your product. Mix the primary color set of dark pink, yellow and blue to produce shades.

Metallic Luster (mica) 3.5 oz / 100 g Net Weight
Code Color Price  
7030 Gold $19.92 Discontinued
7031 Copper $19.92 Discontinued
7032 Bronze $19.92 Discontinued

This is fine grade mica, making a glossy shimmer rather than noticeable "flecks-like" glitter. For clear or opaque products, just pre-mix with a little of the product separately so it does not "clump", then add it back in. Try it in lip gloss, but stir while pouring to suspend the mica.