Face Care Costing for Assorted Body Care Products

Assorted Body Care Products

Items shown here require more involvement with concept and design. Please use these numbers as pricing structures. Per piece pricing does not include shipping.

Item Requirement 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2500 pcs 5000 pcs
4oz Glycerine Bar Soap   $2.66 $2.41 $1.84 $1.76
Rectangle shape (3 styles). Choice of color in clear or opaque. Label application (labels to be provided). Wrapped in shrink sleeve, bulk layer packed.
Natural Lip Balm Stick Type Tube n/a $0.80 $0.77 $0.74
Clear Styrene Jar
with White Lid
n/a $0.89 $0.86 $0.83
Sample price for flavored 1/8oz "stick type" tube or clear styrene jar, bulk layer packed.
Item Requirement 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2500 pcs 5000 pcs
Natural Body Butter   $4.56 $4.02 $3.91 $3.61
Based on an 8oz PET clear jar with lid, product coded, case packed.
Foaming Bath Salts   $4.07 $3.35 $2.67 $2.55
Based on an 8oz PET clear jar with lid, product coded, case packed.

Most items are standard sizes. What are shown is for pricing purposes and can be made larger or smaller depending on your price point. Call us at 1-800-364-4922 for further information or clarification with your project.

Labeling Assorted Body Care Products
Application is included, if professionally printed on roll stock for machine application with a #4 spooling direction. Hand application with printed sheet labels are not included. Back label layout require a product description and possibly how to use it, plus an ingredient list; which can be obtained from our web site. Remember: color and fragrance go at the end.

Stock product comes plain. Custom colors require a Pantone® Color Swatch number for matching purposes. There will be a slight upcharge for color matching.

Various scents and fragrances are available. See our Fragrance section. Additional charges apply, and would vary between different types. Alternately, you can send us your fragrance to be added to our products. Some products might require adjustment and would need materials and time for alteration.

If you intend to supply us your own bottle, jar, cap, pump or sprayer, pricing would be altered to subtract our container. Scent, actives or botanicals can be added with additional charge, depending on modifications we need to make to the product (pH, viscosity, clarity, etc.) Substitutions to the base formulation in the way of raw materials, oils or suppliers are not permitted with this program, requiring custom formulation and lab time.

Charges for shipping are additional to these prices. Due to the number of clients, Aquatech does not offer warehousing, “pick and pack” services or “drop shipping” of these products to various customers.