Spa Care
Vegetable Based Sugar Scrub

Vegetable Based Sugar Scrub

All vegetable and organic components are used in this thickened body scrub base.
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Body Polish Scrub

Body Polish/Body Scrub

Make your own body polish, salt scrub or sugar scrub by simply mixing 2-5 parts sugar/salt to 1 part of our thickened oil.
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Foaming Bath Salt

Now you can indulge and relax with the benefits of soothing sea salt and the luxury of a bubble bath at the same time. A unique addition that offers both.
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Arctic Mineral Mud

Pure Arctic mineral mud powder to detoxify and tone the face. Now you can offer this unique product that is rarely available in the marketplace.
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Arctic Mineral Salts

Mineral bath salts from an ancient Arctic Ocean. High content of potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium, plus 11 minerals.
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Massage and Body Gel

Body Massage/Styling Gel

A massage gel or body gel that can be used for arthritic heat rubs, calming massage, styling gel, glitter gel (for kids) or a layered lotion/gel parfait.
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Massage and Body Oils

Massage & Body Oils

A selection of massage, body and carrier oils for personal care and aromatherapy.
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Indoor Tanning Lotion

High quality sunless tan lotion includes vitamin E, shea butter and natural oils. It goes on evenly, absorbs quickly, non-staining and gives results in as little as 4 hours.