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Heaven Jasmine Rose Massage Oil
  Jasmine Rose Massage Oil
Code Contents Price  
9670 12 per box $41.63
Twelve 4oz bottles scented with Jasmine and Rose fragrance.
Natural Treatment Pump
  Natural Treatment Pump
Code Contents Price  
9662 50 per bag $21.00

Natural Treatment Pump with Smooth Collar and Clear Styrene Overcap. 20/410 thread and 3 1/2" Dip Tube.

Black Saddle Pump Ribbed 24/410
  12oz White Bottle with Pump
Code Contents Price  
9642 24 per box $45.79
Smooth Straight Sided White Bottle with Pump. Clear Overcap. Silver Accent. 24 per box.
Black Saddle Pump Ribbed 24/410
  Black Saddle Pump Ribbed 28/410
Code Contents Price  
9648 50 per bag $30.81
Black Saddle Pump with Ribbed Collar and White Chamber. 28/410 thread. 50 per bag.
Pigments 4 oz / 114 g Net Weight
Code Color Price  
7011 Ultramarine Pink $32.39
7012 Ultramarine Violet $22.66
7013 Yellow Oxide $8.84
7014 Green Oxide $27.40
7015 Red Oxide $8.82

Pigment's are water based and usually don't blend well together because they are earthy colors. They work best for soap bases and are not recommended for lotions or creams.
Great for all natural projects as these are derived from minerals. Adding titanium dioxide will add opacity and a creamy look to your soap.

Please note, pigments are minerals and basically insoluble. They do not dissolve entirely and recommend mixing with hot water at first, stir well and with a fine mesh strainer, pour into another container or directly into the product.

  8oz Size (Net Weight)
Code Fragrance Type Price  
5013 Ocean Breeze $10.95
5019 Heaven $10.95
5022 Jasmine $10.95
5028 Tea Rose $10.95
5037 Lemon Blossom $10.95
5043 Lime $10.95
5049 Sweet Orange $10.95
5055 Thai Lemongrass $10.95
5061 Mango $10.95
5076 Gingerbread $10.95
5085 Green Apple $10.95
5094 Peach $10.95