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Bamboo Facial Scrub 12 x 4oz
  Bamboo Facial Scrub - 12 per box
Code Contents Price  
9668 12 x 4oz per box $35.61
Twelve 4oz jars scented with Zen fragrance.
Deep Moisturizing Argan Conditioner 8.8oz
  Deep Moisturizing Argan Conditioner - 8.8oz
Code Contents Price  
9664 15 per box $36.84
Fifteen 8.8oz bottles.
/images/Deep Moisturizing Argan Conditioner 1 Gallon
  Deep Moisturizing Argan Conditioner - 1 Gal
Code Contents Price  
9665 1 Gallon $31.08
Cocoa Vanilla Body Butter
  Cocoa Vanilla Body Butter 4oz
Code Contents Price  
9666 24 per box $44.05 SOLD OUT

Fragranced with Cocoa Vanilla. Twenty four 4oz jars.

Natural Treatment Pump
  Natural Treatment Pump
Code Contents Price  
9662 50 per bag $21.00

Natural Treatment Pump with Smooth Collar and Clear Styrene Overcap. 20/410 thread and 3 1/2" Dip Tube.

Black Saddle Pump Ribbed 24/410
  12oz White Bottle with Pump
Code Contents Price  
9642 24 per box $45.79
Smooth Straight Sided White Bottle with Pump. Clear Overcap. Silver Accent. 24 per box.
Black Saddle Pump Ribbed 24/410
  Black Saddle Pump Ribbed 28/410
Code Contents Price  
9648 50 per bag $30.81
Black Saddle Pump with Ribbed Collar and White Chamber. 28/410 thread. 50 per bag.