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With extensive research and testing of formulations for 18 months prior to opening our doors, Aquatech was officially created in August 1998. Head office and our manufacturing facility is located in Toronto. Our plant is within the business capital of Canada and centrally located to serve all of North America.

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Aquatech's objective is to deliver quality without compromise, offering premium products with a modest price. We strive to eliminate middle men, excessive markup and unnecessary warehousing fees to keep your cost low.

Our Customers Testimonials

Aquatech asked for comments on products and service ... here are some un-edited reponses.

I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the sample set I purchased. Thanks for your attention.


I am VERY pleased with your product and I can't thank you enough for creating these items so I can add my own little special touch of color and scent and share them with my customers. I went on the computer, located your sight (which is extremely well put together and very attractive) and took a chance on your product. Let me just say that I will definitely be a return customer.


The quality of the fragrances and the oil are very impressive. They were so gentle on my skin that I had no negative reaction. The fragrance I sampled had a very soft, yet lasting scent and it did not irritate my skin. The oil had great affinity with my skin, and therefore was very gentle and absorbed quickly. Thank you for making such fine quality products.


Thank you for your responsiveness. I'm impressed with your company's focus on service and on listening to the customer. I look forward to more business with you in the future.


Thanks for checking on my order. It was wonderful. Packed very nice and professional. I will definitely order again.


Thank you so much for the consideration. I appreciate your information. I have been pleased with my previous service from your company.


I just wanted to let you know that I love your products! I just got my samples in today, and I promptly ordered full-size containers of your Premium Lotion, Night Cream, and Shower Gel. Keep up the good work.


I would like to tell you how happy I have been with your product. It was received quickly and I was very happy with the quality of the product.


I am very happy with your products. I recently opened your body lotion and wow!!! Its consistency is wonderful. I can't wait to see what I can create when I add my goodies to it. I have recommended your company to the people in my aroma therapy group. I'm sure they will be just as pleased with your personal service and quality products as I am.


I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the shampoo that I bought from you. I have to tell you that your shampoo makes my hair so much healthier looking and feeling. Your shampoo makes it shiny and have body again, thank you. I wanted to let you know about my experience, and how happy I am with your product.


I think the products are great, especially the coloring agents. For me, those were particularly hard to find, so finding Aquatech was brilliant since the colors are of great quality and the price is excellent. The service was great, especially since I needed the items right away and I appreciated the customer service representatives attention to detail and their honesty and politeness.


We design, research, extensively test and produce everything from our facility. Our specifications are strict: even scrutinizing all raw materials before production. Under our watchful eye, substitutions, omissions and cleanliness can be observed at all times.

At Aquatech, we do not produce a discount line. Our focus is to provide our customers 100% quality, honest value and the integrity to produce an exceptional product.

Private Label

A poorly designed, "knock off", or inferior ingredient list we will not replicate due to liability and reputation of all parties involved. However, we will offer consultation and have our team recreate more suitable items.

Usually a deposit (or development fee) is necessary. This is a policy that is in place to cover overhead, labour, materials and courier costs while in the development stage. The deposit ensures that both parties are committed and focused.

Aquatech's product range includes over 50 different personal care products, with a modern facility that can be surprisingly cost effective.

Our Product Overview

Our Environmental Efforts
Global warming has been attributed to the burning of fossil fuels and directly related to mankind's activities. Aquatech Skin Care Inc. is concerned about the planet and committed to reducing our environmental footprint. This extends to both our business and personal lives. More...

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