Mixing Instructions for Body Care Products

Methods for mixing Body Care and Bath Care products differ.

For Bath Care Mixing Instructions click here.

Many people have their special techniques to bottle products, some use a funnel, heat it slightly, or use some sort of pump. After much trial and error we offer an alternative. No need for funnels, bowls, mixers, microwave or pots of boiling water.


  Items you will need.
Plastic container, scale (optional), plastic “zip-lock” or freezer bags, spoon, fragrance and color (these last two are optional).

With various sizes of zip-lock and freezer bags on the market, buy bags that will be about twice the size of what you intend to mix. Don't mix product with previously used bags due to hygiene and cross contamination.

Add Base, color, and fragrance.

Stand the zip-lock bag inside a plastic container. If you use a freezer bag, roll the edges over the side of the container. Careful! Avoid allowing fingers to touch parts of the bag that will come into contact with the product.

Place the container with the bag on a scale and "zero" the measuring indicator. Pour pre-determined amount of base into open bag. Do not fill bag more than half way. If your scale is accurate, add .75% - 1% fragrance. Without a scale, calculate a teaspoon being 1/6 oz. or 5ml. This 1 teaspoon (1/6 oz/5ml.) will fragrance 20 oz. of lotion or cream.

Massage Base, color, and fragrance together.

Zip lock or twist tie the bag and double check that it's sealed. Pull the bag out of the container and with your fingers, massage the color and fragrance together. You can see through this bag while mixing, so you will notice when it is fully blended.

Cut corner of bag and pour blend into bottles.

Once mixed and ready to pour into a bottle, cut a small corner off the bag with sanitized scissors and fill. Use the entire product in the bag, because the open end makes it difficult to store if there is product remaining. Try to fill all your bottles at once, without putting the bag down. If you need to put the bag down, watch the tip; as contamination could occur from surface contact.