Color Sets

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We offer a basic color selection of pigments, lakes and dyes. You can mix to create an abundance of shades, creating a full spectrum. With primary red, yellow and blue, you can make green, orange, purple, and brown, with any shade in between.

  Pigment Set
Code Contents Price  
7001 8 x 1/3 oz packets $43.83
Lake Set
  Lake Set (Oil soluble)
Code Contents Price  
7002 4 x 1/2 oz packets $24.49
Metallic Luster
  Metallic Luster (mica)
Code Contents Price  
7003 3 x 1 oz packets $33.02
Liquid Concentrate Gel
  Liquid Concentrate Color/Gel Set
Code Contents Price  
7005 6 x 4 oz bottles $67.89