Frgarance Sets

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Fragrance Oil Theme Packs

Confused about what scents to use ? We have grouped six 1 oz fragrance types per set, plus two 1oz Hemp & Avocado Massage Oil for blending. Many customers have found buying a "theme" set to be an easy way to test or develop a product line, with many scents able to be blended together. These featured selections are from a variety of suppliers that span the globe, individually selected as the best from each category. Please note, these are fragrances and not essential oils. A 1 ounce bottle will scent 20 soaps or nearly 1 gallon of product.

Fantasy Sets
Code Contents Price  
5001 8 x 1 oz bottles $52.96
Fun Set
  Fun Scents
Code Contents Price  
5002 8 x 1 oz bottles $51.47
Floral Set
Code Contents Price  
5003 8 x 1 oz bottles $52.96
Cittrus Set
  Citrus Essentials
Code Contents Price  
5004 8 x 1 oz bottles $51.47
Exotic Set
Code Contents Price  
5005 8 x 1 oz bottles $51.47
Fruit Set
Code Contents Price  
5006 8 x 1 oz bottles $51.47