pai Aquatech Skin Care 5 Gallon Pails
Bulk Product in Pails
Bath & Body Care Products in 5 Gallon Pails
Our unscented skin care bases are available in bulk format. Our pails are extra tough, to handlle the rigors of shipping. It features a pop up dispensing spout and reusable threaded cap. Those who want to add colour and scent directly into the pail will have to open the lid. A tear off strip around the top edge of the lid must be removed and then the lid can be pried off. Use larger commercial utensils to mix, disinfect before use and avoid hand contact. Replace the lid after.

To ensure freshness, some items might not be available at all times. Due to batch sizes,demand and production schedules, there might be the occasional delay. Net Weight 42Lbs. 5 Gallons. Shipping Weight 45 Lbs.

Prices shown do not include shipping.
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Alphabetical Listing Samples

Code Item Price  
2351PL After Bath Lotion $123.64
3001PL Aloe Vera Shampoo $119.92
2951PL Arctic Mineral Mud $321.07
3651PL Arctic Mineral Salt - Course Grain $280.67
3652PL Arctic Mineral Salt - Fine Grain $280.67
2321PL Body Firming Milk Lotion $304.28
2901PL Body Massage / Styling Gel $145.65
2701PL Body Polish / Body Scrub $255.06
2811PL Botanical Facial Cleanser $165.78
3301PL Bubble Bath $117.59
2721PL Day Cream Base $345.09
2741PL Eye Serum / Face Gel $345.09
2831PL Firming Botanical Facial Toner $178.03
3601PL Foaming Bath Salt $134.90
2371PL Hemp & Olive Butter $369.13
2281PL Hydrating Mango Face Cream $283.21
2251PL Indoor Tanning Lotion
Made to order
Please allow 7 days for manufacturing
3721PL Lava Exfoliating Body Wash $125.50
2361PL Leave In Styling Conditioner $147.33
2651PL Microderm Abrasion Cream
Note: Due to the density of this product,
the pail may not seem full,
but it has been weighed to spec.

Made to order
Please allow 7 days for manufacturing
3201PL Moisturizing Shower Gel $126.36
2401PL Natural Body Butter $218.18
2501PL Natural Lip Balm

Made to order
Please allow 7 days for manufacturing
2601PL Natural Lip Gloss
Made to order
Please allow 7 days for manufacturing
2331PL Natural Regular Lotion $136.84
2731PL Night Cream Base $368.90
3221PL Omega-3 Hemp & Aloe Body Wash $124.60
2851PL Omega-3 Hemp Body Lotion $136.53
3171PL Omega-3 Hemp Conditioner $169.79
3181PL Omega-3 Hemp Conditioning Shampoo $139.85
3501PL Pearl Shower Gel $111.02
2431PL Polynesian Butter Cream $255.33
2201PL Premium Body Lotion $132.79
2221PL Pure Natural Lotion $222.45
2101PL Regular Body Lotion $99.85
3101PL Silk Hair Conditioner $135.17
2181PL Skin Brightening Cream $540.89
2801PL Solid Lotion / Perfume Base $473.26
2301PL Sprayable Lotion $101.20
2503PL Stick Type Lip Balm $481.23
3161PL Super Moisturizing Conditioner $132.76
3401PL Suspending Body & Face Wash $112.92
2451PL Tropical Butter Cream $174.61
2761PL Vegetable Based Sugar Scrub $320.38
2671PL Vegetable Protein "Stick" Deodorant $436.89
2771PL Vitamin C Serum $500.24