2 x 3 inch Printed Labels for Private Label Programs

Getting Started

Like any project, the final product is reflected in the thought and preparation beforehand. Read about "Design Fundamentals" under Labeling Yourself.
- Find an artist that can reflect what you want to portray.
- Work on a fabulous logo
- Make sure it is legible and stands out
- When paying for labels ...specifically the number of colors and plates required, try to go with less where possible.

Private Label Printing - 2 x 3 inch Label. Clear or Opaque.

  • Minimum runs are 1000pcs, except on 4 color, which would be 2000pcs generally.
  • Available in Clear or White polypropylene. Waterproof and smudge proof.
  • Standard die shape with unusual or custom dies at $500.00.
  • Colors in 1, 2 and 3 color with full color being 4.
  • Plate charges, film, proofs and limited changes included.
  • Specialized inks, label stock or embossing are extra. Hot foil or stamping is additional.
  1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color
1000 $382.00 $522.00 $676.00 $846.00
2000 $388.00 $543.00 $683.00 $852.00
3000 $397.00 $553.01 $708.00 $862.99
4000 $405.00 $559.00 $714.00 $884.00
5000 $411.00 $566.00 $721.00 $890.00
6000 $431.00 $570.00 $726.00 $896.02
7000 $438.00 $592.00 $731.97 $901.97
8000 $448.00 $603.04 $758.00 $927.04
9000 $453.00 $608.96 $764.04 $932.98
10000 $475.01 $615.00 $770.00 $940.00
  • Artwork is not supplied by Aquatech, additionally any modifications to the format or layout changes, will be billed at $70.00 per hour in 15 minute intervals.
  • Layout is to be provided in a 2 x 3 inch size with a 1/8th ink bleed over the edges.
  • All specific or solid colors must have a Pantone® Color number. Available at art store or copy centers, these color "swatch" numbers assure you of correct tones for printing.
  • Images are saved in Illustrator EPS format, uncompressed and supplied on a CD, DVD, Flash Card, and either mailed or couriered to us. E-mail is possible if the file is not too big.
  • All label font styles files must be included, or completely "outlined" in Illustrator.
  • Once artwork is submitted, proofs take about 1 week for you to review.
  • Proofs will be sent by PDF for you to print. Once reviewed, correct, sign and fax back.
  • Once approved, lead time can be 2-3 weeks for printing, depending on the schedule.
  • These prices are for your reference and a method to use for comparison shopping.
  • If you require a different size label, other than the above pricing for a 2x3 inch, they can be obtained.

Click here for instructions on how to submit artwork


  • Where you require a front/back label, you don't have to go for separate print jobs. Essentially, should be able to have one plate that can service both the front design and back label text. As long as you pick one color that is common between the two, then they can print both at the same time and split the label stock afterwards.
  • As a single color can be light and dark with different intensities, yet within the same spectrum. As an example, you have a dark green leaf at 100% strength, and the leaf veins are a light green at 30% of that strength. Even the background we choose to have a hint of green at 10% strength. Three tones that appear to be separate plates, yet considered one.