Private Label (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimums ?

Depending on what size bottle you pick, will determine how many pieces.
- 2oz Bottle 1500 pieces
- 4oz Bottle 500 pieces
- 8oz Bottle 500 pieces
- 16oz Bottle 500 pieces.

Can I break the batches into 2 colors or possibly 4 fragrances ?

Sorry, at this time, these batches are one type only.

How can I get samples before I commit to this program ?

We have several Sample Sets available which would allow you to try our products and containers. With a little imagination you can sense how your product will look and perform with these various components provided.

How long does private label take ?

Depending on your status of preparation If you order without a sample set, understand the basic bottle, cap, color and fragrance offered and intend to do your own labeling ... around one week. If you need samples, require someone to produce artwork for labels, proofs, plates, labels, then production ... around 6 weeks to do it properly.

What are plates and artwork ?

This term is for two separate functions. Basically, if you have a logo, illustration, design element or "funky" layout which was created by yourself or somebody else ... this is considered artwork. Plates are a copy, designed as a "reverse positive" of your artwork. To clarify ... this is similar to block printing or typesetting, where letters are "reversed" and raised. A positive for contact with the labels. Now if more than one color is used in your artwork, a different plate is required. Example, if its a black logo and black lettering, it would require one plate with one ink. Fine. Lets assume you have a brown tree, green leaves and red lettering, that's 3 colors. You can gradually shade items within these three colors, but basically these colors are separate plates and inks. Full color, photographic or wild graphics are 4 plates, which makes up the color wheel of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Blue (what most printers use). Each plate and ink color adds more to your costs ... so be careful. See what is in the market and you will be surprised how many companies use 2 or 3 colors with various techniques like gradients, reverse colors and "knock outs" to get the most effect from their investment. Your artist can help explain these terms.

So where are the plate costs ?

Plate costs, standard die, file setup and film are inlcuded in these prices. This is a one time setup cost, if you re-order labels in the future, there is a 25% discount. However, this is providing you don't want any changes or notice mistakes. That being said, take care in doing your layout in the first place. Get it right. Bad grammar, punctuation or omissions can be extremely costly when it comes to printing, plus untold damage to your image. Someone should proof read it again and again!! (this cannot be stressed enough). See more info on this at "Printed Labels".

What is UV for the labels ?

Sunshine and ultraviolet light is your hidden enemy. The labels are protected for UVA and UVB light spectrums, which make the ink resistant to fading. This overcoat also offers a gloss appearance and additional protection from scratching and scuffing.

What about labeling future orders ?

We send them back to you on the first order. If you order labels again you are required to send the labels back to us.

How are these packed and shipped ?

Each product is case packed and sent in either 12, 24 or 48 pieces, depending on the size selected. Shipping is not included. We will not "drop ship", meaning we will not send this to your customer. This is for your protection. This also eliminates any possible damage claims or liability over faulty addresses, unspecified instructions, personal agreements and related concerns over client confidentiality. We want to keep variables down to a minimum, reduce complications and make execution simple.

Can I print labels for myself without plates ?

Sure ...doing it yourself is perfect for testing the market, limited runs, not knowing when sales will occur, or have doubts about the look and layout of the final product. We offer a variety of suggestions for fairly professional results. Whether inkjet, laser or digital... you should take the same precautions for bad grammar, punctuation, sloppy presentation or omissions as with professional printing. When it comes to impression, nothing can be left to chance.