Pigment Set
Pigment Set
Code: 7001
Price: $43.83


Six 1/3 oz packets, plus 2 Free 1/3 oz Titanium Dioxide (net weight)

Pigment's are water based and usually don't blend well together because they are earthy colors. They work best for soap bases and not recommended for lotions or creams. Great for all natural projects as these are derived from minerals. Adding titanium dioxide will add opacity and a creamy look to your soap.

Set includes: Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Pink, Ultramarine Violet, Yellow Oxide, Green Oxide, Red Oxide, White (Titanium Dioxide-water dispersible).

Please note, pigments are minerals and basically insoluble. They do not dissolve entirely and recommend mixing with hot water at first, stir well and with a fine mesh strainer, pour into another container or directly into the product.

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