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Product ID: 8093
Squalane Oil
Squalane Oil
  • 236 ml / 8 fl oz, 473 ml / 16 fl oz, or 946 ml / 32 fl oz
  • INCI Name: Squalane (Olive)
  • Squalane is produced by the body like a natural moisturizer … but production diminishes after thirty, contributing to dry skin. Although derived from olives, squalane does not have an oily feel, it absorbs quickly, helps the elasticity of and offers a luxurious skin feel.
    Containing some anti-bacterial properties, many claim it can assist with acne, stinging, redness and peeling. By creating a barrier keeping moisture between the skin and environment; its seen in many anti-aging products due to a slight plumping effect, which reduces the effect of fine lines. There are also reports it evens out pigmentation and improves any scarring. It can be added to products to increase performance, or used on its own, as there are no reports of irritation.
  • Squalane Oil is derived from olives and not to be confused with Squalene, which is derived from shark liver.
Price: CDN$ 45.00

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