Bath Sample Set

Shower gels and body washes unique in their ingredients, or their look and feel. A soap that will suspend beads or bubbles, or one with an opaque pearlescent shimmer. Featuring Omega-3 Hemp and Lava Exfoliating body washes.

Now you can try a variety of items without committing to products that you're not sure of. People's expectations about performance and feel are different, with our sample sets, it includes enough product to give you a good idea of what you could achieve  .

Our unscented products use low-level preservatives for stability, compatibility, spoilage,and safety. They are paraben and SLS free, biodegradable, never animal tested and mild on all skin types.  

Omega-3 Hemp & Aloe Body Wash  Tough on dirt with a soft skin touch. Mild vegetable based cleansers, botanical extracts and a high level of aloe for low irritation.

Moisturizing Shower Gel  Call it an unscented bath gel, body wash or shower gel ... this popular skin care product is gentle on all skin types and leaves a moisturizing feel.

Bubble Bath  A mild bubble bath that is SLS and DEA free. Contains olive esters, glycerine and chamomile for a soft, smooth after bath feel.

Suspending Body Wash  A fine quality liquid soap that will suspend beads and even bubbles in the bottle. Great for hand soap or shower gels, yet mild enough for a facial wash.

Pearl Shower Gel  An opaque pearlescent shimmer in a quality body wash. Includes Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerine and Chamomile for skin conditioning qualities.

Lava Exfoliating Body Wash       A mild full foaming hand and body wash with white lava particulates suspended throughout the gel .

Products Included
Omega 3 Hemp & Aloe Body Wash
Moisturizing Shower Gel
Bubble Bath
Suspending Body and Face Wash
Pearl Shower Gel
Lava Exfoliating Body Wash