Hair Sample Set

Salon grade shampoos and conditioners to promote body, shine, and manageability. Beneficial natural oils, vitamins, and botanicals all combine to give a high end finished product  

Now you can try a variety of items without committing to products that you're not sure of. People's expectations about performance and feel are different, with our sample sets, it includes enough product to give you a good idea of what you could achieve

Our unscented products use low-level preservatives for stability, compatibility, spoilage, and safety. They are paraben and SLS free, biodegradable, never animal tested and mild on all skin types .

Omega-3 Hemp Conditioner  Good styling ability and wet comb without the use of silicones leave your hair healthy, fuller and naturally better off.

Aloe Vera Shampoo  A unique wholesale shampoo with Aloe Vera and vitamins. Gives shine and manageability, along with vegetable glycerine for added body.

Omega-3 Hemp Conditioning Shampoo  Hemp Shampoo with Panthanol and incorporating various botanical extracts that benefit hair and scalp.

Silk Hair Conditioner   A basic conditioner with the addition of Pea Protein for moisture, Silk Amino Acid,  Vitamin Pro B and Vitamin E.  

Super Moisturizing Conditioner  This deep penetrating conditioner includes additional properties. Natural oils, vitamins and blended botanicals build body and shine.

Leave In Styling Conditioner       This vegetable based Leave In Conditioner offers a natural shine without silicones or residue buildup .

Products Included
Omega-3 Hemp Conditioner
Aloe Vera Shampoo
Omega 3 Hemp Conditioning Shampoo
Silk Hair Conditioner
Super Moisturizing Conditioner
Leave In Styling Conditioner