[0008] Hair Sample Set

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After Bath Lotion

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All Natural Sample Set


- Pure Natural Lotion 60g
- Hemp & Olive Butter 30g
- Polynesian Butter Cream 30g
- Vegetable Based Sugar Scrub 30g
- Leave In Styling Conditioner 120g
- Natural Regular Lotion 60g

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    All natural

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    Hemp & Olive ButterAquatech organic personal care items, use little or no chemical ingredients, no synthetic fragrances and no chemical preservatives. Instead they use essential oil fragrances and vitamin-based preservatives such as A, C and E. 

    Now you can try a variety of items without committing to products that you're not sure of. People's expectations about performance and feel are different, with our sample sets, it includes enough product to give you a good idea of what you could achieve  

    Pure Natural Lotion

    A creamy smooth lotion made from natural sources. Plant and tree derived oils, skin friendly botanical extracts and organic shea and aloe. Cold pressed goodness of avocado, organic coconut, sunflower and pumpkin seed oils.

    Hemp & Olive Butter

    A firm textured butter that melts on contact with the skin and spreads easily. Clean and simple ingredients based on a thick cream emulsion created from a reaction of beeswax and borax.

    Polynesian Butter Cream

    Deep rich feel with butters of cocoa, mango, cupuaçu and shea. Blended with palm fruit and coconut oils in a naturally derived base.

    Vegetable Based Sugar Scrub

    All vegetable and organic components are used in this thickened body scrub base.

    Leave In Styling Conditioner

    This vegetable based Leave In Conditioner offers a natural shine without silicones or residue buildup.

    Natural Regular Lotion

    A clean, simple body lotion with naturally derived ingredients. Triglycerides (derived from palm and coconut oils) and high oleic sunflower oil, offer a smooth non-greasy feel with quick absorption.